10 Reasons to Go for MikroPlastik

  1. Comprehensive services
    Turn-key, with guarantee – everything on the spot, from design to delivery
  2. Small parts specialization
    The complex consists of details – we don't produce big parts, we concentrate on small parts instead, as the success of any unit is based on its components
  3. Machinery
    Balance – small products need precise modern machines BabyPlast of respective size, which enable optimum settings and price corresponding to the size
  4. Tools
    Simplicity is strength – small tools are suitable for small parts, with purchasing price being fragment of the price of big tools, while maintaining all the thinkable options - jaws, spinning, hydraulic tractors of cores, heated nozzles etc. - and achieving longer service life
  5. Quality
    We eliminate causes, not consequences – starting with design of the part and tool, we take care of the elimination of possible issues on the part, tool or process
  6. Prices
    We don't offer cheap, but adequate solutions: thanks to the logical chain small product – small tool – small machine we are able to offer a major advantage of low price
  7. Manufacturing environment
    Cleanness is important – the manufacture takes place in a clean environment, which is regularly monitored
  8. Experience
    Specialization means unique experience – our almost ten years of experience in the field of small parts are at your unrestricted disposal
  9. Reliability
    Reliability precedes trust – responsible behaviour and keeping our word is alpha and omega of all our activities
  10. Partnership
    Our objective is to support the success of our partners, and achievement of this objective is the best reward

We offer our customers complete service, starting with the product development, through the prototype, design of the tool, its production and sampling to the series manufacturing.

Our core activity is the manufacture and subcontracts of medical components using in-house tools. The quantities delivered are in the range of millions of parts a year.

Another area of our expertise is the injection moulding of products with unique design using the tools owned by our customers. In this respect we provide comprehensive services - from the design and optimisation of the part and the tool all the way to the supplies of conforming products with lifelong guarantee for the tool.

We can deliver functional sets of products, arrange print, or provide product description using IML method.