Small Injection Moulding

Specialists on making small and tiny plastic parts


OEM Medical Components

Specialists on making small and tiny OEM components for medical equipment


Steel and Dural Injection Moulds

Production of tempered and dural tools for small and large press


Focus on Quality

100% automatic check of created parts

About us

Our small-size business has been in the injection moulding since 1999.  

We produce in clean rooms.

We provide our customers with comprehensive services – from the design and development to prototype, tool making and sampling, all the way to the series production, including the assembly.

We produce series from thousands to million of pieces per month.

We have been certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 and ČSN EN ISO 13485.

Quality policy – download


We produce small and tiny parts made from thermoplastic materials, meeting extremely strict requirements as regards the dimension accuracy. 

We are equipped with special BabyPlast and Boy injection machines (total 14).

The manufacture takes place within clean spaces, following ISO 14644-1 standard, or class D according to GMP EU classification.

We assemble the manufactured parts. This is done both manually, and on assembly machines.

During the manufacture of the parts we use inspection machines carrying out 100% on-line checking.

We process all sorts of thermoplastic materials.


We offer complete range of services.
From product design to delivery to your doorstep:

Draft and design
Prototype using 3D printing technology
❯ Injection mould design
❯ Injection mould making
Sampling and tuning 
Zero series
❯ Injection moulding, assembly, print
Packing, transport
Storage and maintenance of the tools
Lifelong warranty for the moulds arranged and operated by our company

10 Reasons to Choose MikroPlastik

Complete service

Turnkey, with absolute guarantee: one-stop-shop, everything under one roof, from design to delivery.


Balance is the key – the tiny plastic parts need modern machinery: BabyPlast and Boy injection machines of relevant size that allow optimum setup, and price corresponding to the size of product.


Our objective is to promote the success of our partners, and achievement of this goal is the greatest reward.

Specialization in tiny parts

The whole always consists of details – we do not make large parts, as we concentrate on small pieces that create the success of the final assembly.


We eliminate the causes, not the consequences – from the very design of the product and tool, we take great care to identify and remove any possible troublesome spots, be it in the part, the tool, or the process.


We offer relevant solutions – thanks to the logical chain small part-small tool-small machine we are able to offer an economic solution

Production environment

Clean is important – the production takes place within a controlled, regularly monitored environment.


Specialization means unique experience – we have been for almost twenty years in the small injection moulded parts, and the experience is here at your disposal.


Only the reliable are trusted – fair negotiations and keeping the given word: This is the alpha and omega of our business conduct.


Simple is good – small moulds are suitable for small parts, and their acquisition price is considerably lower compared to large tools, yet all the possible applications are available: jaws, rotary tables, hydraulic core pull, hot runner etc. – and with longer service life.

Contact us!

Ing. Karel Kotera
Managing Director, Sales Department
Tel.: +420 608 150 507
E-mail: kotera@mikroplastik.cz

Jitka Mrvíková DiS.
Quality maneger, Order Department
Tel.: +420 602 823 167
E-mail: mrvikova@mikroplastik.cz